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Now that we have an understanding of the problem we can apply science to a treatment process.”

How AWT Works on Connective Tissue.
Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) mechanically vibrates connective tissue in affected areas of the body, improving the skin’s appearance by:
Causing the connective tissue to stretch, which increases its elasticity;
producing increased vascularisation (the organic process whereby body tissue develops capillaries), ensuring a better exchange process to the connective tissue;
producing an inflammatory reaction that triggers the release of healing mediators, creating fibroblastic proliferation leading to a new, thickened band of collagen being deposited in the upper and mid portions of the skin.

“To understand an effective treatment for cellulite we must first understand what causes the problem.”

“Now that we have an understanding of the problem we can apply science to a treatment process.”

  Enlarged fat cells push the skin up and
compress the circulatory system,
reducing inflow of nutrients and outflow
of waste products.
Diminished exchanges in circulation
lead to a gradual stiffening of the
connective tissue, pulling down on the
skin. The push/pull effect creates the
appearance of cellulite.
During   The mechanical action of AWT:

- Disrupts the connective tissue to firm
  and smooth the skin.
- Causes neo-vascularisation, improving
  circulatory exchanges (the root cause
  of the problem).
- Initiates an inflammatory process in
  the skin, leading to thicker, more
  elastic skin through collagen production.
After   The elasticity of the connective
tissue is restored and the skin is
smoother. The skin is thicker and
more elastic with noticeable
improvement in the skin's texture.
Scientific understanding of how AWT Works on Connective Tissue   

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